the birds of the wetlands at sunrise

After going through my photos that I took at the wetlands I decided against posting them all at once. I felt like I may as well be setting up my projector and locking the door. 😉

Instead, I’ll show them off in smaller groups. This way, I’ll sort of savor them longer and get more of a chance to play with them.

I didn’t do a lot of extra PP to this shot. I duped the layer and set it to overlay. I love the way the waves from the ducks disrupt the colors in the sunrise:

I added some texture and lomoesque colors to this one:

This one has some texture too. I tweaked the colors just a little:

I gave this one a golden, high contrast feel:

And last but not least, ducks swimming through the steam coming off the water:

I have more to post, like I said. But for now I’m heading off to pull cookies out of the oven and relax for the rest of this warm and sunny Sunday.


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