Dash …er, Remy with a motion blur

The boys have been wearing their costume pjs as normal clothing lately. I think its damn cute so I’m not stopping them! Plus daycare doesn’t seem to mind either (psh, even if she did I’d let them wear their costumes). So when we were on our walk I decided to play with my shutter speed and let Remy experiment with really being Dash! We had a few practice runs and this one turned out to be our favorite.

Here’s a few of the runner ups:

Dash & Batman racing!

I can’t help but hear that Scooby Doo sound when I see these!

The boys laughed the whole time. Look at his hands. Apparently, walking like an Egyptian helps you run more aerodynamically! 😉

2 thoughts on “Dash …er, Remy with a motion blur

  1. Love It! my son’s favorite PJ’s were Darth Vader…….although the helmet was very uncomfortable to sleep in….I FORCED him to remove it before bedtime…

    spread the humor

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