[238] of 365

Have you ever had a plan for your photo in your head, but you sit down to execute it and when you see the finished product you say to yourself – damn! That turned out better than I’d hoped! I hope that’s happened to you before because its the best feeling!

I’ve been trying to get pictures of birds flying for such a long time. I just never seem to be prepared when they fly over head. But the other day — Halloween actually, I was in the kitchen and could hear birds chirping, cawing, outside. Not just a couple. Like, a whole tree full! I thought, ok now’s my chance…there’s a whole flock of birds out there! So I snapped away, then I looked through my pictures and I was a little disappointed. I hadn’t really gotten a very good shot. Needless to say, I have a new mission now – BIRDS. But after some PP to this one, I’m very happy with it. It was a little blurry since I had to zoom in so much and didn’t use a tripod. But after the grungy texture was added the sharpness doesn’t really matter. Hopefully more birds will be on the way. Being that its fall and they’re starting to migrate I’ll be seeing a lot of them.


2 thoughts on “[238] of 365

  1. I like that shot. I have also been trying to photograph birds in flight in my area. Got some good shots, but sometimes I think the birds are taunting me. I put the camera down for just a second and two or three birds will fly right past me. As soon as I get the camera up – no birds anywhere. Keep on trying!

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